Welcome to the Producer's Source for Puppetry, Creature Effects, Animatronics, Performance Capture and Stop Motion.
Are you a performer in digital puppetry,  performance capture, stop-motion, character costume, or voice-over?
Are you an artist who designs, builds, films or produces puppets, costumes, miniatures, or theme park shows?

Are you a technician who designs and builds robotics, animatronics, and/or creature and visual effects?

Are you a writer who writes for advertising, animation, film, theme parks and stage?

Then performance animation is for you! You have unique skills, abilities, and experience. The explosion in fantasy and sci-fi content, and the plummeting cost of technology, has created a growing demand for your talents. But how do you get in front of the producers and executives responsible for hiring?

By appearing in performance animation. We aim to be the producer's source for the talent responsible for the engaging worlds of fantasy and sci-fi. Our unique, interactive showcase format gives you the space, time, and functionality to engage readers and to show off.

performance animation will reach independent filmmakers, studios, advertising agengies, animators, stage and theme park producers – the people who produce and staff the fantastic worlds that your expertise brings to life.


If you are:

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     * not a member of LAGOP and wish to advertise,
     * a producer looking for talent, or
     * interested in more information about the publication,

please fill out the information form at the bottom of this page.  The publication does not launch until March 2018.
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